Our research and our rating

_TheContextIndicator® determines TheContextFactor® of your organisation. Once you know what this is, you can take the right steps.


Every project we do is custom work. Generally speaking, we set to work as follows:

Our approach in three steps:

_Step 1: Identification

We conduct a survey called ‘The Context Indicator®’ across all levels of your team or organisation. After only a few weeks, you will obtain the results of our ‘The Context Factor®’ rating on the various elements we have examined in a clearly formulated and easy-to-understand report.

_Step 2: Conclusions

The next step is to jointly draw conclusions during a presentation; first to our customer, and subsequently to the team or management team. We will identify the strengths of the organisation, pinpointing any sore spots we come across. Based on this, it is easier to determine your ambitions and how you want to focus on achieving these.

_Step 3: Improvement

In Context Sessions, we will work together with the employees and the management on achieving the organisation’s ambition to increase The Context Factor®.

The survey can be used as a tool to set a benchmark by making a baseline or baseline + 1 measurement. After Step 2, we run a check among the stakeholders: are the results correct, or is there a discrepancy between the perceptions held by the employees and the management and that of the stakeholders?


PIP Advice of the Twente University of Technology has validated the scientific grounds for every element of The Context Indicator® (2016). The elements of the survey related to Commitment and Dedication have also been validated by Leiden University (2012).

The behaviour of your organisation determines your License to Operate to a considerable extent. Elements that are a determining factor in this are: connecting with your environment – translating this to your core: your purpose, your mission, vision & strategy, people & culture and, particularly, your actions – providing transparency about what is of crucial importance to your environment – and demonstrating that you can be trusted.
The scale in which TheContextFactor® is presented is based on the Nolan & Norton development model. This model indicates the most effective development path for your organisation. You will proceed to the next sport in the model when all aspects have been brought to the same level. Only then will you be able to take the next step. The Contextual Intelligence rating for your organisation is shown on a scale of 80 to 140.
Aside from the overall rating on TheContextFactor®, you will receive a rating on 3 main and 19 sub-categories. This will help you to determine any points for improvement with surgical precision.