If you look closely at a group, you will be able to identify what does and does not work.


MonkeyBlue is accredited, trained and has experience with the following methods:

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is a scientifically validated method and one of the most commonly used personality assessment instruments in the world. It can be used as an instrument for building strong and flexible teams, to improve collaboration and communication within the organisation and among the various teams, in change and cultural projects and as an element in individual and team coaching.

Management Drives: measures people’s motives. This method can be used to improve performance by enhancing the effectiveness of employees and teams. It provides insight into the leading cognitive patterns and habits of people and organisations.

Agile and Scrum Master: Agile is a way of working that teaches you to let go of the traditional way of blueprint thinking. It is the philosophy of ‘see-feel-change’. Or, in other words: learning by doing. It is a perfect and flexible method to implement changes and realise projects.

Certified Individual, Team and Organisation Coach: System and solution-oriented


TheoryU (Honor code EDX) by Otto Scharmer is a practical method for a change process that helps you tackle the most important challenges. An important aspect of this is to extend the boundaries set by your prejudices, re-focus your attention, let go of what no longer contributes to the course you have charted – whether old or new – and to bring this in line with your possibilities for the future. The basic principle behind this is: ‘If you focus your attention, the energy you need to achieve your goal will naturally come’. Focus on what you want to achieve rather than on what you want to avoid.

Deep Democracy is a tool to facilitate the taking of long-term decisions with the full support of all parties involved, and to handle difficult group processes and resolve conflicts. Attention is explicitly reserved for ‘the other perspective’. Deep Democracy is also very useful in dialogue sessions and to support the decision-making process among large groups of people within and outside of an organisation.

Extensive experience with changing organisations.