_In practice.

‘We are already conducting a lot of research; we have a clear picture of what is going on in the outside world.’ The expectations of four out of five organisations were exceeded through the relevance and added value contributed by The Context Indicator®.

– ‘A development path towards greater relevance for our market’.

– ‘Food for thought, to be used in discussions with my team and my colleagues’.

– ‘We are now working in a highly targeted matter to improve our position in this environment. Next year we will be conducting a + 1 measurement to identify the fields in which we have genuinely changed’.

– ‘We now have a much clearer understanding of the negative undercurrent in our organisation that was holding us back. Based on this, we have involved our employees more actively in the change process and have gained greater support for this.’

We all know organisations that have lost ‘the game’ due to a failure to respond adequately to their environment: Nokia, Kodak, V&D, Free Record Shop, to name a few. And organisations who have encountered problems because they failed to adequately estimate social developments and/or scored poorly on factors such as ‘transparency and/or trust’. Just look at the automotive industry, or the financial world, for example.