Strong reputation better results.

_Innovative capacity is rewarded.

Every year, the Reputation Institute publishes a list ranking the reputations of the 30 biggest Dutch companies. In 2016, Philips was in first place for the ninth time. With this high ranking, Philips is rewarded for its innovative capacity and the relevance of its products. Financial companies and Shell, for example, do not score as highly. Although their products, services and financial performance are still perceived as positive, assessments with regard to environmental friendliness, ethics and fair business dealings are far below par.

Reputation establishes an emotional connection between an organisation and its stakeholders. The better your reputation, the more likely people are to:

  • Make use of your services
  • Recommend your organisation
  • Say something positive about you
  • Rely on you to make the right choices
  • Welcome you to their local community
  • Want to work for you and invest in you (proportional to your reputation)

Research: Reputation Institute 2016